Growing up

As a little girl, nothing gave me more joy than watching my mother put on her jhumkas and haar in preparation for a mehndi or ladies' sangeet. I would often sneak into her jewelry armoire and play with her colorful bangles, infatuated with the small, shiny bracelets adorning my arms.

As an adult, I still get that same rush of excitement when I open my jewelry box, contemplating which piece of jewelry would best compliment my shararaa or lehenga that day.

Our Mission

Connecting craft to celebration

With Naina & Noor, our goal is to bring that same rush of exhilaration to you. All of our products are hand-picked, individually checked to ensure quality, and are ethically sourced, with 100% of sales being paid directly to Indian crafters.

We look forward to helping you celebrate your occasion!

Our goal

Moving forward

As we embrace the future, our vision is focused on creating a sustainable legacy. We're passionately venturing into repurposing Indian garments into unique, memorable accessories. Every piece we design is not just an accessory, but a celebration—a testament to our commitment to tradition, quality, and progress.

Join us in our journey towards sustainability and style.

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